Sunday 27 February 2022

Doctor Who Tapestry - Battle On 2

 As February draws to a close I'm pleased to say I have completed Ancelyn now on the tapestry.

I'm pleased with how he has come out, I'll be honest there was a period about half way when I felt he wasn't going right. This often happens during the work, and it's not until the eyes are finished, usually one of the last parts I do, and the final details are stitched in that the final effect is achieved.

This means we now have five characters on this current working panel all from two Sylvester McCoy stories, "The Greatest Show in the Galaxy" and "Battlefield".

The next character is again from the first story mentioned, after this I'll be moving on to another McCoy story, but until then I'll be stitching....

"Any more fares please?...."

Sunday 6 February 2022

Doctor Who Tapestry - Battle on

Following on from the January update post showing Mordred I have now completed the work on his mother the immortal Morgaine.

Yesterday I tweeted this was the colour scheme in use this weekend, this is mainly armour and sword colours that I’m using for Ancelyn.

I start with a rough sketch and begin filling in the shading. As work progresses slight rework is done on the sketch as I go, as you can see where the sword has moved slightly. Sometimes this is the result of how stitching doesn’t always look right when trying to follow the original sketch.

And finally I'm starting Ancelyn's hair, here's the colour range I've sorted to start with.