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Season 13

Harry decides it's safer to stay on Earth and use the train to get back to London, so the Doctor and Sarah take the TARDIS going the scenic route.

Tom Baker as The Doctor along with a Zygon


Terror of the Zygons

by Robert Banks Stewart

First broadcast 30th August - 20th September 1975


Planet of Evil

by Louis Marks

First broadcast 27th September - 18th December 1975


Pyramids of Mars

by Stephen Harris

First broadcast 25th October - 15th November 1975

Suhtek played by Gabriel Woolf 

Mummy  as played by Nick Burnell, Melvyn Bedford & Kevin Selway 

The Android Invasion

by Terry Nation

First broadcast 22nd November - 13th December 1975


The Brain of Morbius

by Robin Bland

First broadcast 3rd -24th January 1976

Morbius played by  Michael Spice – Voice of Morbius & Stuart Fell – Morbius Monster

Maren played by Cynthia Grenville & The Sacred Flame

The Seeds of Doom

by Rpbert Banks Stewart

First broadcast 31st January - 6th March 1976

Krynoid Seed Pod

Krynoid Monster

I think this needs some extra work to make it stand out, it is getting a bit lost in with the other characters around it, or I may also include the repainted Axon version in a later panel

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