Saturday 31 October 2020

Happy Birthday Karl

I know I haven't posted in a while, but as it's a special night...

Tonight would be our equivalent of Karl's birthday, their Witching Night when the folk of Miltonburg hide from what lurks in the shadows, and like today with our full moon, this is the night both moons are full...

It was one of only two nights of the year when both moons were full together.

Ulmar continued its natural progression through the sky having reached the period of its cycle where it was both full and beautiful.

Mauor, as well as being full, had a red haze cast around it. It shimmered in the sky over the town circled by what appeared to be a ring of blood red light. The face of the moon shone with a pale green glow and cast its shadows over the streets of Miltonburg, making the dark alleyways seem cold and threatening.

Miltonburg was quiet on this night; the streets were silent and empty. No one walked down Dock Road or around Salve Gardens. The inns and taverns were closed to visitors. No one, not even those that at other times of the year laughed at the thought of evil forces, dared to venture upon the streets on such as night as this. This was the night that the month of Panisslorn was named after, the night on which, legend said meant the death of a child. It celebrated the death of a Titan, one of the children of the gods. It was a night for sombre reflection and macabre fears.