Thursday 14 January 2021

A Stitch in the Time Lord

 A quick update on the Doctor Who tapestry. Last year I posted a few photos of the parts of the latest panel that I had been working on.  These being the sections for Jago & Litefoot, the TV version of the Counter Measures team, Shada - the unfinished classic era story and the stories that featured the lead actor in a non-Doctor role, The Massacre, Enemy of the World, Meglos, and Arc of Infinity.

I have now finished joining this panel to the bottom of the main canvas, the join runs straight through the additional small features The Eye pendent from Greatest Show in the Galaxy, Krynoid seed pod, Kklack from the Target novel Dinosaur Invasion, the sea weed and gas pipeline from Fury from the Deep, eye plant and Spiradon from Planet of the Daleks, The Great One from Planet of the Spiders, the viking runes from Curse of Fenric and the Misos Triangle from Planet of Fire.

I'm now working on the Ancient One from the Curse of Fenric

If you're wondering how long it takes, well, this is how far I got with the Ancient One whilst listening to the newly released audiobook for The Hand of Fear.

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Sunday 10 January 2021

Getting back to it

After bit of a break from the latest model, here is the current state, as it was left post #Lockdown900 (I've seriously lost count now, some say we're now on 3, I thought it was number 4, so I'm going with the arbitrary number 900, which The Doctor seems to use for their age now, irrespective of which regeneration it is).

As an aside I'm also over on Instagram now as djkettlety2

Update: Didn't get as much done as I had hoped, it seems it was too cold for the glue to set properly, everything just kept sliding off