Friday 25 August 2023

Doctor Who Tapestry Update - The missing months

So I've been a bit quiet on here of late, but I have been busy stitching away on the top right panel of the tapestry. Rather than post some of the work in progress I've completed the top row of figures, as these form a special collection.

So here goes...

This top area has been dedicated to some special characters, mainly originating in print, before being brought to life by Big Finish. 

When Benny found herself in the Unbound Universe with David Warner's version of the Doctor I couldn't get enough of their adventures, and I felt it was only right to honour David's Doctor with a place on the tapestry. 

Benny was a character I loved in print, so much so that I originally added Benny to the tapestry even before Big Finish had started recording audio adventures, and that Benny was based on the cover art work. I've always wanted to add Lisa Bowerman's Benny to the tapestry and I felt that the best partnership was to include her alongside David's Doctor and I based them on one of the boxset covers, hence the blue tint to the hair,  there remains a little remedial work to do for Benny.

I had only seen Iris Wildtyme briefly in print before she was brought to life by Katy Manning, and then she developed a life of her own. Who wouldn't want to climb aboard her double-decker bus and dash off on an adventure, and maybe just give the Doctor a few headaches along the way.

And Iris couldn't go anywhere without her trusty companion Panda.