Friday 26 March 2021

March Update

Stitching, Crafting & Writing - a busy March


The last few updates have concentrated on the Doctor Who Tapestry. I've been keeping a record of how long the work on the ancient one and the background area for him has taken based upon the playing time of the audio books I have been listening to whilst stitching. 

The previous post had the time at 43 hours 20 minutes. Additional work undertaken since then.

I completed most of the work on the Ancient One whilst listening to the first of the two new Target Novelisation Audio books: The TV Movie & Dalek a total of 9 ¾ hours. Then I moved on to the background. Backgrounds need to be simple, so I’m going for the green gas cloud that was used to kill the Ancient One at the end. This also includes binding the edge of the material. This takes some time. This was started listening to the other new novelisation audio books:  The Crimson Horror and the Witchfinders.

Doctor Who – The TV Movie by Gary Russell
Read by Dan Starkey, BBC Studios (5 hours)
Doctor Who – Dalek by Robert Shearman
Read by Nicholas Briggs, BBC Studios (4 ¾ hours)
Doctor Who – The Crimson Horror by Mark Gatiss
Read by Catrin Stewart & Dan Starkey, 
BBC Studios (4 ½ Hours)
Doctor Who - The Witchfinders by Jay Wilkinson
Read by Sophie Aldred, BBC Studios (4 hours, 10 mins)

So here I am, working with 20 shades of green to try and blend the smoke swirling up around the Ancient One. 

After another 8 ½ hours of the latest Big Finish Doctor Who releases.

Doctor Who – Stranded 2 
Doctor Who – The Lost Stories 6.1 Return of the Cybermen
Doctor Who – The Lost Stories 6.2 The Doomsday Contract

Bringing the time spent on this one character to over 61½ hours so far.


Building the Gateway

This has taken a backseat over the last couple of months again, but I have managed to make a little progress as the below photos will show. The left side now has basic wood and Daz clay coverage. I will get the basic coverage done before trying to clean up and add any details.

 Previous update


As you will know, I seldom reveal too much about writing projects whilst they are still in development.

All I will say is that work on the new werewolf trilogy is going well, we are proofreading book two and I’m making final edits to the text for book three.

Book three has had some additional writing added to it, so I returned to the original notebooks, pulled out the pencils and got scribbling.

First draft is always handwritten in pencil. This filled the second skull book that was used for book three so I had to take up a new notebook, not having another of the skull books I found this nice little denim covered book in my collection of notebooks to use for the next 20K or so words.

Hopefully, I’ll be revealing more details of this project soon.


Thursday 11 March 2021

DrWho Tapestry - Ancient One Update Part II

Ongoing work with the Ancient One on the tapestry part two - so, time taken for this character 

Here's the progress so far: 32 hours 41 minutes, timed by the duration of the audio books played during the stitching reported on the previous update.
Add to that...

Doctor Who - Gallifrey Time War Volume 4 

 (Big Finish, 5 Hours)

Doctor Who - The Fourth Doctor Adventures

Series 10 Part One (4 Hours)

Total running time: 9 Hours

Callan Volume 2 

(Big Finish) - 4 hours

The Diary of River Song - Series 8

(Big Finish) - 4 hours

Torchwood - Drive

(Big Finish) - 60 mins

Total running time - 9 Hours

The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice

17 Hours 20 Minutes Running Time

Therefore, since last blog post update another

35 hours 20 minutes have been added to the time taken to stitch the Ancient One

Additional Update for the chin

Classic Companion Chronicle 1.1 Frostfire

(Big Finish) 60 mins

Space 1999 Vol. 1 (Big Finish) - 3 Hours

Fourth Doctor Adventures

Series 10 Part 2 (Big Finish) - 4 Hours 

Bringing the total number of hours so far up to:

43 Hours 20 minutes work on the Ancient One

Next Update