Doctor Who Tapestry - Season 17

 Doctor Who Tapestry
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Season 17

Romana regenerates, taking on the appearance of Princess Astra from their previous adventure, and the last story of the season gets cancelled due to a strike at the BBC forcing production to be abandoned.

Destiny of the Daleks

by Terry Nation

First broadcast 1st - 22nd September 1979

Davros (David Gooderson)

Dalek  (not quite finished)



City of Death

by David Agnew

First broadcast 29th September - 20th October 1979

Scaroth (Julian Glover),


The Creature from the Pit

by David Fisher

First broadcast 27th October - 17th November 1979



Nightmare of Eden

by Bob Baker

First broadcast 24th November - 15th December 1977


The Horns of Nimon

by Anthony Read

First broadcast 22nd December 1979 - 12th January 1980



by Douglas Adams

Unfinished and not broadcast, although it has been completed for release with animation

First released on VHS 6th July 1992

Krarg  (no background)

Professor Chronotis (Denis Carey), the sphere & a Krarg

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