Monday 26 November 2012

I am still here...

I’ve just received a blog award without having done anything recently, if I had known it would be this easy I’d have not posted anything much sooner. Actually I think being nominated by my old mate BigLee over at Big Lee's Miniature Adventures was more of a subtle poke to remind me that I haven’t posted, and to think I made the resolution this year to do better on the blog. 


The main reason I haven’t blogged is to avoid going off topic too often, I simply have not been model building recently. Gasp shock horror. What I have been doing is a mixture of Doctor Who signings and conventions, work on the Karl trilogy and trying to get some order back into the house. This has resulted in a temporary suspension of model building.

There are rules to this blog award, I promise I shall read them and follow them in due course.

My aim at the moment is to complete the Karl trilogy one way or the other, which brings me on to the subject of these books.


It has come to my attention that people have been trying to order my book via some major retail outlets. It should be possible to obtain it from them, however Hirst Publishing which own Hundred Publishing are currently not trading and orders are not being processed.


If you order via the Hundred Publishing link this is set up to pay the authors direct NOT Hirst Publishing, and the authors distribute the books signed and dedicated. Any orders placed via the links on this blog will be fulfilled. The retail outlet Tenth Planet Events (link also available from this blog) also hold a stock of the books and are also able to complete any orders they receive. Please follow these links if you still would like a copy before they go. Once the last copies are sold it will be a while before any more are printed.

My main aim at the moment is to get the first volume available as an e-book by the end of the year, there were reasons this was not done before, but I am not going into those here.

The second book is written and has been edited. I have received some feedback from selected readers which I am working through, and some maps are being drawn up to accompany the second book. The aim is to have this as an e-book early next year, with number three towards the end of the year.  I have not given up on having books two and three physically published but this may now take longer than originally planned.

Thank you to those that have already purchased.

Best regards
D. J. Kettlety