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Season 16

The Key To Time was the umbrella title given to season 16 where the Doctor and K9, now aided by Romana, had to locate and reconstruct the Key To Time for the White Guardian, whilst trying to avoid detection by the Black Guardian.

The Ribos Operation  

by Robert Holmes

First broadcast 2nd - 23rd September 1978

The White Guardian (Cyril Luckham)

The Seeker (Ann Tirard) & one of the Graff's guards

The Pirate Planet  

by Douglas Adams

First broadcast 30th September - 21st October 1978

The Captain (Bruce Purchase)

The Stones of Blood 

by David Fisher

First broadcast 28th October - 18th November 1978

The Cailleach (The disguise used by  Vivien Fay (Susan Engel)
& The Megara (Voiced by David McAlister & Gerald Cross)


The Androids of Tara  

by David Fisher

First broadcast 25th November - 16th December 1978

A Wood Beast, Prince Reynart (Neville Jason) & Count Grendel (Peter Jeffrey)

The Power of Kroll

by Robert Holmes

First broadcast 23rd December 1978 - 13th January 1979


The Armageddon Factor

by Bob Baker & Dave Martin

First broadcast 20th January - 24th February 1979

The Shadow (William Squire), Guard & symbol of Atrios

The Black Guardian (Valentine Dyall)

The Key To Time

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