Friday 7 April 2023

Doctor Who Tapestry Update - March 2023 (Late)

My March update is quite late, I simply ran out of March before I was finished. I had aimed to have the panel fully integrated into the main body by the end of March, but it proved to be trickier than I had expected. I had pinned then tacked the panel in place, but it became necessary to untack it and re-tack it several times as the canvas pulled apart under the tension on the hoop.

In the end I had to try and work for a period without the hoop and put my own tension onto the square inch I was working on at the time, to avoid straining the rest. However, the join has been completed and all that is left now is for some filling in to be done.

Trying to match the colours from the original edge in order to bring the pattern across the join onto the new panel was very difficult. When that edge had been done before with the companions that had been intended to be the outer edge, so I had no notes of what wool brand, colour or shade had been used. Some I was able to find a good match for but he candy pink blob was a headache. 

I’m going to try and get Nimrod finished asap, as the weather is turning and very soon it will become too warm to be sitting with the whole tapestry across my legs as I work on it, so attention will then turn to the two remaining panels that will be used to complete this side of the tapestry now.

I’m going to jump ahead and work on the top panel for awhile as I have made a change in the planed design for this side, and I will be allocating a part of the top panel to a special version of the Doctor.