Doctor Who Tapestry - Season 15

 Doctor Who Tapestry
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Season 15

The season begins with the Rutan on Fang Rock. introduces K9, before it set its sights on the classical Greek myths and culminated in marrying off Leela.  

The Horror of Fang Rock  

by Terrance Dicks

First broadcast 3rd - 24th September 1977

Rutan & Fang Rock Lighthouse


The Invisible Enemy  

by Bob Baker & Dave Martin

First broadcast 1st - 22nd October 1977

K9 voiced by John Leeson

The Nucleus voiced by John Leeson and played by John Scott Martin


Image of the Fendahl

by Chris Boucher

First broadcast 29th October - 19th November 1977

[COMING SOON - The Fendahl]

The Sun Makers

by Robert Holmes

First broadcast 26th November - 17th December 1977

[COMING SOON  - The Collector]



by Bob Baker & Dave Martin

First broadcast 7th - 28th January 1978

A Seer

The Invasion of Time

by David Agnew

First broadcast 4th February - 11th March 1978

[COMING SOON - Vardan]

Gallifrey Guard


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