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Season 18

The TARDIS ends up in E-Space, Adric joins, Romana and K9 depart, Nyssa joins looking to find her father, murdered by The Master and Tegan stumbles aboard the TARDIS. The whole season culminates in a fatal encounter and a regeneration.

The Leisure Hive

by David Fisher

First broadcast 30th August - 20th September 1980

Foamasi, with a nod to the new style opening titles

[COMING SOON -Argolin]


by John Flanagan & Andrew McCulloch

First broadcast 27th September - 18th October 1980

Meglos Cacti & in the form of the Doctor (Tom Baker)

Full Circle

by Andrew Smith

First broadcast 25th October - 15th November 1980


State of Decay

by Terrance Dicks

First broadcast 22nd November - 13th December 1980

[COMING SOON - "The Three Who Rule"]

Warriors' Gate

by Steve Gallagher

First broadcast 3rd - 24th January 1981


Gundan (unfinished)

The Keeper of Traken

by Johnny Byrne

First broadcast 31st January - 21st February 1981

Melkur (Graham Cole)

The Master (Geoffrey Beevers)

[COMING SOON - The Keeper]


by Christopher H. Bidmead

28th February - 21st March 1981

The Master (Anthony Ainley)

[COMING SOON - The Watcher]

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