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Season 19

Having regenerated the Doctor must now get used to his new body whilst again doing battle against the Master. Now with three travelling companions, Adric, Tegan & Nyssa the Doctor's adventures continue, but with an old adversary soon to return not everyone will survive.

A shock to viewers, the show moved from it's regular Saturday night slot to get a twice weekly evening broadcast slot

The Doctor - Peter Davison

[Coming Soon]
Adric - Matthew Waterhouse

[Coming Soon]
Tegan - Janet Fielding

[Coming Soon]
Nyssa - Sarah Sutton


by Christopher H. Bidmead

First broadcast 4th - 12th January 1982

For those in the know, there was something in this adventure that inspired this whole project

[COMING SOON - Hunting Costume]

Four to Doomsday

by Terence Dudley

First broadcast 18th - 26th January 1982



by Christopher Bailey

First broadcast 1st - 9th February 1982

The Mara

The Visitation

by Eric Saward

First broadcast 15th - 23rd February 1982

Terileptil android disguised as Death (Peter van Dissel)

[COMING SOON - Terileptil]

Black Orchid

by Terence Dudley

First broadcast 1st - 2nd March 1982

Black orchid

The Doctor's costume used by George Cranleigh


by Eric Saward

First broadcast 8th - 16th March 1982


  Cyber Leader (David Banks), Cyber Lieutenant (Mark Hardy), 

Cybermen (Graham Cole, Steve Ismay  & Marc Sinclair)

[COMING SOON - Android]


by Peter Grimwade

First broadcast 22nd - 30th March 1982


The Master (Anthony Ainley)

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