Tuesday 16 April 2024

A Second Revelation

Concluding work on Revelation of the Daleks, and joining Kara is Orcini the Knight of the Grand Order of Oberon played by William Gaunt.

I understand it was his birthday recently, plus I just happened to be listening to a BBC Radio CD of the Time Machine at the same as stitching in which William Gaunt played H.G. Wells.


"You before me."

And speaking of HGW, next up comes Timelash. The Borad is already on the tapestry. I won't be doing HG but will be adding a Bandril and the blue android.

Tuesday 26 March 2024

A little Revelation

I'm working backwards through the classic timeline at the moment and reached Colin Baker's first full series as the Doctor. 

There are already several Daleks and Davros is already represented from both Genesis and Remembrance so although I'd like to do him as The Greater Healer this story is going to be represented by two of the outstanding guest cast.

First to be completed is Kara played by Elenor Bron.

Kara outline on tapestry

Kara stitched onto tapestry

She will be joined on the tapestry by Orcini the Knight of the Grand Order of Oberon played by William Gaunt. Work has just started on him.

Orcini outline on tapestry

Friday 22 March 2024

"In The Tribe of the Free we have a saying...

 ... we go forward."

And forward we go with the latest addition to the tapestry, Queen Katryca herself.

This completes the Trial of the Time Lord series, working backwards now through some of Colin's first series of adventures.

Saturday 3 February 2024

Playing Catch Up

It's been a couple of months I know, and although I've found time to get some work done on the tapestry - once the day was done and I was in bed, hot water bottle, cuddly toy and whiskey mac/Lemsip (circumstances dependent) by my side and audiobook playing, time in front of the screen to edit photos and upload has been slight. December and January have been busy months. Plus I had issues downloading to the PC from iCloud in January (Waves angry fist in the air, "Bloody Apple")

Continuing with Trial of a Time Lord characters, since the last update I've added...

Lord Kiv from Mindwarp - here is the original sketch made on the canvas for use as a guide and the final stitched character.

A Mogarian from Terror of the Vervoids

Gltiz, guide sketch

Sabalom Glitz (apparently he died falling over a whiskey bottle, according to Mel in the anniversary specials) from The Mysterious Planet & Dragonfire

Next up is Queen Katryca.

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