Friday 30 December 2022

Doctor Who Tapestry - December Update

 I'm not too sure how, but during December I appear to have been more productive on the tapestry, almost finishing Delta and adding a Navarino from that story. I worked on the Navarino over the Christmas period whilst away from home as this character was easier to work on than the final details of Delta or Gavrok.

When the Navarino is finished, along with any small outstanding details and a bit of background work I will be ready to join this panel on to the main tapestry, hopefully within the first couple of weeks of January 2023. 

The first update of next year may show how the panels are joined on to the main body of work. This panel is part of the McCoy era and will be joining the other McCoy era panel going on just above the Ancient One and Light.

The work on the tapestry has taken priority for my spare time, so other crafting and model building took a backseat during 2022, and may well do so during 2023 as well. However I have been stocking up on the Doctor Who figures from Warlord Games since their Doctor Who licence expires at the end of 2022 so I want to ensure I have as many unique characters to paint later when I get the time. It's just a shame there were so many non-released packs that are only available if spend £75 and cannot be bought separately.