Doctor Who Tapestry - Season 07

 Doctor Who Tapestry
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Season 7

The seventh season of Doctor Who saw massive changes to the show. The Doctor regenerated from Patrick Troughton to Jon Pertwee and the programme was now in colour.

Spearhead from Space 

by Robert Holmes

First broadcast 3rd – 24th January 1970

The first appearance of the Nestenes and their plastic embodiments the Autons. This photo also includes elements from their return the following year, but specific to this story are the first Auton figures, the swarm leader sphere and the Nestene emerging from the hatching tank.

Doctor Who and the Silurians 

by Malcolm Hulke

First broadcast 31st January – 14th March 1970

The first appearance of the Silurians, who like the Autons, have returned in a revised look for the new series. 

The Ambassadors of Death 

by David Whitaker, Malcolm Hulke and Trevor Ray

First broadcast 21st March – 2nd May 1970

When a group of astronauts return to Earth they are not the astronauts that were expected.


by Don Houghton

First broadcast 9th May – 20th June 1970

A sideways step in time for the Doctor has him meeting with alternative versions of the UNIT team. But even here the Primoids were still being created as a result of them drilling into the Earth’s crust.

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