Tuesday 30 June 2015

Starting tomorrow win Karl's mug

Come back over to DJK’S Fantasy World tomorrow or visit the official Karl Axilion Trilogy page on Facebook to find out how to win one of these exclusive trilogy mugs showing all three covers.

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The competition will run throughout July and the winner will be announced at the start of August.
Full details tomorrow...

Sorry this competition is now closed, keep looking back for future events.

Monday 8 June 2015

The Price of Moonlight

Okay so the title of the blog post is a little strange. 

Sunday was a very warm sunny day, and since I managed to get up a couple of hours earlier than I usually do on a Sunday this week I managed to grab a few extra hours to work on the haunted house model. Several hours have now gone into the window sections, and at least the same amount of time is left to get the rest of the windows done.

This Sunday I worked on one side of the building, and completed eleven windows. Some cracked, some broken, a couple whole, one with a stone hole with radiating cracks, and oh yes, one with the moon reflected in it.

The plastic box from the old Christmas card packaging is beginning to run low, I don't really want to wait until next Christmas to finish this. 

In one corner of the box there remained the remnants of a circular price tag, top layer peeled off leaving a fading semi circle of white that would require spirit to remove it. 

However, I had a little brain wave, comes from keeping an eye on the phases on the moon and having to sew up my socks when it’s full.

With the ghostly price tag being circular and white, and a reasonable size I figured rather than waste this piece of the box I would use it, ensure I cut the square neatly to fit a window fully and it would look, with the black backing, as though the moon was being reflected in the window.

Personally I think it worked out for the best and gives the model an extra little bit of character. If I ever wanted to hide the reflection I can always make a pair of shutters to cover the window with.

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