Monday 11 April 2022

Doctor Who Tapestry - April Update

A quick post to update on the latest progress of the tapestry, but to start with I twittered and posted on Instagram at the start of the month that I had unpicked the tapestry to start again...

Of course it was just an April Fool joke, there was no way I could have unpicked the whole thing in one night.

Meanwhile update on actual progress.

So with the following initial colour palette selected.

I set to work to stitch the Bus Conductor, also from The Greatest Show in the Galaxy.

Then when I had finished with him I moved on to a different story, still sticking with the Sylvester McCoy era, this time I headed off to Terra Alpha for The Happiness Patrol. The Kandyman is already on the tapestry but with the colour selection of...

Let's just say, I hope that you're happy Helen A?

And next with the colour selection...

I wonder who this might be?