Doctor Who Tapestry - Season 23

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Season 23 - The Trial of a Time Lord

Having returned after an 18 month absence from TV, The Doctor now finds himself on trial.

Peri is married off and the Doctor gets a new companion in the form of Mel.

Colin Baker in 'The Trial of a Time Lord'

The inquisitor played by Linda Bellingham

The Valeyard played by Michael Jayston

Episodes 1 - 4  aka The Mysterious Planet

by Robert Holmes

First broadcast 6th - 27th September 1986

Sabalom Glitz played by Tony Selby 

Queen Katryca played by Joan Sims 

Drathro voiced by Roger Brierley and played by Paul McGuinness

along with the L1 service robot

Episodes 5 - 8 aka Mindwarp 

by Philip Martin

First broadcast 4th - 25th October 1986

King Yrcanos played by Brian Blessed 

 The Lukoser/Dorff - played by Thomas Branch

Kiv played by Christopher Ryan

 Sil played by Nabil Shaban

Epidotes 9 - 12 aka Terror of the Vervoids

by Pip & Jane Baker

First broadcast 1st November - 22nd November 1986

 Mel Bush played by Bonnie Langford



Episodes 13 & 14  aka The Ultimate Foe

by Robert Holmes and Pip & Jane Baker

First broadcast 29th November - 6th December 1986

The Master - Anthony Ainley

Keeper of the Matrix - James Bree

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