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Season 22

The Doctor and Peri face the curse of the 45 minute episodes, where 2 episodes were fused together to turn a four part story into a two part story removing many of the cliff hanger moments.

Attack of the Cybermen

by Paula Moore

First broadcast 5th - 12th January 1985



There were several Cryons played by 

Faith Brown (Flast), Sarah Greene (Varne), Sarah Berger (Rost) & Esther Freud (Threst)


Lytton played by Maurice Colbourne

Vengeance on Varos 

by Philip Martin

First broadcast 19th - 26th January 1985

Jondar played by Jason Connery

Sil played by Nabil Shaban

The Mark of the Rani

by Pip & Jane Baker

First broadcast 2nd - 9th February 1985

The Rani played by Kate O'Mara

The Master played by Antony Ainley

The Two Doctors

by Robert Holmes

First broadcast 16th February - 2nd March 1985



with special guests

Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton)

& Jamie (Frazer Hines)


by Glen McCoy

First broadcast 9th - 16th March 1985

Borad played by Robert Ashby

Bandril Ambassador voiced by Martin Gower


Android played by Dean Hollingsworth

Revelation of the Daleks

by Eric Saward

First broadcast 23rd - 30th March 1985

Davros played by Terry Molloy

 Orcini played by William Gaunt

Kara played by Eleanor Bron

White Daleks

Grey Daleks

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