Monday 15 February 2021

DrWho Tapestry - Ancient One Update

Ongoing work with the Ancient One on the tapestry. Having been asked how long does this project take, I'm measuring the time taken to complete this figure by the number of audio books and audio dramas that I've listened to whilst stitching in the evenings.

Here's progress so far:

Since the first post featuring the start of the Ancient One, the top of his head was completed whilst listening to:

Torchwood: The Crown (Big Finish, 60 mins)

Doctor Who - Time Apart (Big Finish, 120 mins)

Doctor Who - Scorched Earth (Big Finish, 120 mins)

Doctor Who - Blood on Santa's Claw (Big Finish, 120 mins)

Total running time: 7 Hours

Side flaps completed listening to:

Tenth Doctor Novels Volume 4

16 Disc set, playing time 16 Hours 31 mins

First tentacle:

Doctor Who: The Savages (BBC Audio - 4 Hours ) Target Novel read brilliantly by Peter Purves

Doctor Who: Beyond the Doctor - The Kairos Ring (BBC Audio - 70 mins)

Torchwood: Coffee (Big Finish - 60 mins)

Total playing time: 6 Hours 10 mins

So, along with the Hand of Fear audio book featured on the original post I'll leave you to add up the time taken so far, then make a guess at how long the whole project might have taken so far.

The story continues here

Sunday 7 February 2021

A few hours later

After several weeks of staring at computers screens all day, every day,  my brain finally went flip this week and refused to start up one morning, a deep thudding resonated throughout my skull resulting in me having to take a day off.

Surfacing late in the afternoon I avoid the monitor screens and took a couple of hours of just sticking wood onto to cardboard, smearing PVA glue everywhere and then followed that up with some DAS putty crafted to look like stonework.

In other words, a little more finally got done on the stone archway project. Photos below.

Of course this is going to be a location setting from either the Karl trilogy, or maybe from the new work that is currently in progress...

Next update on this project