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Season 8

The season that introduced us to the Master played by Rodger Delgardo. We also meet Jo Grant (Katy Manning) and Captain Yates (Richard Franklin). I’ll be including the UNIT team and companions on another gallery page, their photos will follow soon.


The Master (Rodger Delgardo)

Terror of the Autons  

by Robert Holmes

First broadcast 2nd – 23rd January 1971

The same photo as shown on the gallery page for Season 7.

The Nestene try to invade again, this time with help from The Master.  This time the carnival masked Auton, the troll doll and the plastic daffodil that kills come from this story.



The Mind of Evil 

by Don Houghton

First broadcast 30th January – 6th March 1971

The first Pertwee story not yet represented on the tapestry. I will be adding something or someone from this story as soon as possible.


The Claws of Axos 

by Bob Baker & Dave Martin

First broadcast 13th March – 3rd April 1971

Axons are golden invaders, or are they? Here are the two forms the Axons take.


Colony in Space 

by Malcolm Hulke

First broadcast 10th April – 15th May 1971

There are more characters and aliens to be added to the tapestry from this story. For now we have one of the primitive tribesmen.


The Daemons 

by Guy Leopold (Barry Letts & Robert Sloman)

First broadcast 22nd May – 19th June 1971

 Azal from the Daemons raised by The Master in another bid to destroy The Doctor and take over the world and the universe. I’m also intending to add Bok the gargoyle soon.



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