Doctor Who Tapestry - Season 11

 Doctor Who Tapestry
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Season 11

Jon Pertwee's final season as The Doctor and we meet Sarah Jane Smith for the first time, along with our first encounter with the Sontarans

The Time Warrior  

by Robert Holmes

First broadcast 15th December 1973 - 5th January 1974

Kevin Lindsay – Commander Linx played by Kevin Lindsay

The same photo as shown on the gallery page for Season 12.


Invasion of the Dinosaurs

by Malcolm Hulke

First broadcast 12th January - 16th February 1974

Who could not resist a 'KLACK' from the cover of the Target novelisation?

Death to the Daleks

by TerryNation

First broadcast 23th February - 16th March 1974

Bellal played by Arnold Yarrow

A root that protect the city of the Exxilons.

The Monster of Peladon

by Brian Hayles

First broadcast 23rd March - 27th April 1974

These are the characters as featured on the gallery page for Season 09

 Alpha Centauri played by Stuart Fell and voiced by Ysanne Churchman 

Ice Warrior



Planet of the Spiders

by  Robert Sloman & Barry Letts (uncredited)

First broadcast 4th May - 8th June 1974

The Eight Legs


 The Great One

Spider Voices by Ysanne Churchman, Kismet Delgado & Maureen Morris

(Yes, I know I spider!)

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