Doctor Who Tapestry - Season 12

 Doctor Who Tapestry
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Season 12

A new Doctor, Tom Baker, takes over the TARDIS alongside Sarah-Jane Smith and new companion Harry Sullivan. We meet the Cybermen and Sontarans again and learn about the origins of the Daleks.

Tom Baker as The Doctor



by Terrance Dicks

First broadcast 18th December 1974 - 28th January 1975

The K1 Robot played by Michael Kilgarriff 

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The Ark in Space

by Robert Holmes

First broadcast 25th January - 15th February 1975


The Sontaran Experiment

by Bob Baker & Dave Martin

First broadcast 22nd February - 1st March 1975

Sontaran (Styre / The Marshal) played by Kevin Lindsay

Genesis of the Daleks

by Terry Nation

First broadcast 8th March - 12th April 1975

Davros played by Michael Wisher 

Revenge of the Cybermen

by Gerry Davis

First broadcast 19th April - 10th May 1975

Cyberleader played by Christopher Robbie


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