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#ThrowbackThursday  20th August 2015
Survivors by Terry Nation, read by Carolyn Seymour (Big Finish Productions)
The Omega Factor by Jack Gerson, read by Louise Jameson (Big Finish Productions)
Survivors Series 1 & 2  (Big Finish Productions)
The Omega Factor Series 1 (Big Finish Productions)

Book Review July / August  1st September 2013
Mervyn Stone: The Azeman Cometh by Nev Fountain
Staring John Banks & Nicola Bryant

Book Review May / June  30th June 2013
The Complete Miss Marple Radio Dramas By Agatha Christie (BBC AudioGo)
Staring June Whitfield as Miss Marple & Cast 978-1-4084-6849-4

Book Review May / June  30th June 2012
Sherlock Holmes & The Adventure of the Perfidious Mariner (Big Finish) by Jonathan Barnes

Big Finish Day 2 17th February 2012
The second of the one day conventions dedicated to the producers of Doctor Who, Benny Summerfield, Dark Shadows, Stargate, Blake's 7, Sherlock Holmes and more audio dramas and talking books.

Audio To Model By 2nd June 2011
From Big Finish audio drama to Clannad and Lord of the Rings sound tracks, these are some of the CDs I listen to whilst building models and painting figures.


#ThrowbackThursday  20th August 2015
Survivors All 3 Series (Box set) - BBC Worldwide
The Omega Factor - Simply Home Entertainment (Original BBC Production)
The Changes - BFI (Original BBC Production)

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