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2019 Guest Posts

Thrill Me - 4th April 2019
Solve-Along-A Murder She Wrote30th March 2019


The Thrill of Love  1st May 2013
Market Boy 1st May 2013
Gutted 1st May 2013
Dorothy in Oz 2nd April 2013
Mile High 2nd April 2013
Viva Forever 2nd April 2013
Circles 12th March 2013
Romeo & Juliet 12th March 2013
Glasgow Girls 12th March 2013
Coalition 12th March 2013
Chess 12th March 2013
Tomorrow I’ll Be Happy 12th March 2013
 Inferno 1st February 2013
The Dumb Waiter 1st February 2013
Lady Windermere's Fan 1st February 2013
Every Man for Herself 1st February 2013
House of Atreus 1st February 2013
My Big Gay Italian Wedding 1st February 2013


Boy Meets Boy 19th December 2012


Gladiator Games 1st August 2011

Bette and Joan 22nd May 2011

My Night With Reg 29th August 2021

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