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Three Fantoms and a Ghost Ship 4th March 2016

The Children of the Stones, by Jeremy Burnham & Trevor Ray, 978-1-78196-087-5
Raven, by Jeremy Burnham & Trevor Ray, 978-1-78196-114-8
The Moon Stallion, by Brian Hayles, 978-1-78196-112-4
The Ghost of the Mary Celeste, by Valerie Martin, 978-1-7802-2621-7

Book Review July / August 1st September 2013

The Revenge of Frankenstein By Shaun Hutson 978-0-099-55623-7
Monster (A Novel of Frankenstein) By Dave Zeltserman 978-0-715-64509-3
From Byfleet to the Bush By Jacqueline Pearce 978-1-906263-87-4
Hines Sight by Frazer Hines 978-1-84583-997-0
The Best British Fantasy 2013 Series Editor Steve Haynes 978-1-907773-35-8
Dracula's Guest & Other Stories By Bram Stoker 978-1-84022-627-0

Book Review May / June 30th June 2013

Hammer House of Horror - Countess Dracula By Guy Adams 978-0-09-955386-1
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, The Merry Men & Other Stories By R.L. Stevenson 978-1-85326-061-2
Jack and the Lad By Mickey Mayhew - Kindle Books
Bernice Summerfield - The Weather on Versimmon 
       By Matthew Griffiths 978-1-84435-618-8
Bernice Summerfield - The Slender-Fingered Cats of Bubastis 
       By Xanna Eve Chown 978-1-84435-635-5
Bernice Summerfield - Filthy Lucre   
       By James Parsons & Andrew Stirling-Brown 978-1-78178-114-2

Book Review Mar / Apr 7th May 2013

Bone Quill By John & Carole E. Barrowman 978-1-78055-031-2
Doctor Who - The Coming of the Terraphiles By Michael Moorcock 978-1-849-90140-6
Sherlock Holmes - The Army of Dr Moreau By Guy Adams 978-0-8576-8937-7
Doctor Who - The Silurian Gift By Mike Tucker 978-1-849-90558-9
Moon Boots & Dinner Suits By Jon Pertwee 978-1-78196-079-0

Book Review Jan / Feb 11th March 2013

Frankenstein By Mary Shelley 978-1-85326-023-0
The Phantom of the Opera By Gaston Leroux 978-1-84022-073-5
Dracula by Bram Stoker 978-1-84022-627-0
Supernatural: Rite of Passage  by John Passarella 978-1-78116-111-1


Book Review Nov / Dec 30th December 2012

Conflicted Men by Jason G. Long 9781291130973
Patrick Troughton, The Biography of the Second Doctor Who
          by Michael Troughton 978-1907959493

Book Review Sept / Oct  26th December 2012

Wordsworth Classics: The Lost World & Other Stories
             by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 978-1-85326-245-6
Wordsworth Editions: Tales of Mystery & The Supernatural
          - Children of the Night Classic Vampire Stories
             by David Stuart Davies 978-1-84022-546-4

Book Review July / August  21st December 2012

The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice 978-0701187446
BBC Doctor Who Dark Horizons By J. T. Colgan 978-1-849-90456-8
Wordsworth Editions: Tales of Mystery & The Supernatural Aylmer Vance: Ghost-Seer
          by Alice & Claude Askew 1-84022-539-4

Book Review May / June  30th June 2012

Hollow Earth by John & Carole E. Barrowman, 978-1-907-15164-4
Sherlock Holmes & The Titanic Tragedy by William Seli, 978-0-857-68710-4
The Leaping by Tom Fletcher, 978-1-84916-135-0
The Sookie Stackhouse Novels (True Blood) Dead to the World 
          by Charlaine Harris, 978-0-575-08942-6

Book Review March / April  30th April 2012

Look Who's Talking By Colin Baker, 978-0-955-71492-4
Second Thoughts By Colin Baker, 978-0-956-64176-2
Gallimaufry By Colin Baker  Colin, 978-1-907-95902-3
The Shadow Saga, Of Saints and Shadows By Christopher Golden, 978-1-847-39924-3
Tales of Mystery & The Supernatural, All Saints' Eve By Amelia B. Edwards,  978-1-840-22094-0
The Flight of the Budgerigar By John Leeson, 978-1-907-95931-8
Sherlock Holmes -The Breath of God By Guy Adams, 978-0-857-68282-6

Book Review January / February 9th February 2012

Doctor Who, Magic of the Angels By Jacqueline Rayner 978-1-849-90286-1
Daddy's Girl: The Autobiography of Deborah Watling
          By Deborah Watling & Paul W. T. Ballard 978-1-90626-341-6
Tales of Mystery and The Supernatural, The Bishop of Hell & Other Stories
          By Marjorie Bowen 978-1-84022-537-2
Tales of Mystery and The Supernatural, Uncanny Stories By May Sinclair 978-1-84022-492-4

2011 Reading Pile. 8th January 2012

Tales of Mystery & The Supernatural
The Castle of Otranto, Vathek & Nightmare Abbey Edited by David Stuart Davis
The Casebook of Carnacki The Ghost Finder By W. H. Hodgson
Tales of Unease By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Madam Crowl's Ghost & Other Stories By Sheridan Le Fanu
The Monk By Matthew Lewis
A Night on the Moor & Other Tales of Dread By R. Murray Gilchrist

Beginning's End By Andrew Dabb
One Year Gone By Rebecca Dessertine
Coyoye's Kiss By Christa  Faust
War of the Sons By Rebecca Dessertine & David Reed
Night Terror By John Passarell

Doctor Who
Dead of Winter ByJames Goss
The Way Through the Woods By Una McCormack
Hunter's Moon By Paul Finch
Paradox Lost By George Mann
Touched By An Angel By Jonathan Morris
Borrowed Time By Naomi A. Alderman

Time Dead By Sarah Pinborough
First Born By James Goss
The Men Who Sold The World By Guy Adams

The Mervyn Stone Mysteries 
Book 1: Geek Tragedy By Nev Fountain
Book 2: DVD Extras Include: Murder By Nev Fountain.
Book 3: Cursed Among Sequels By Nev Fountain.

Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood)
Book 1: Dead Until Dark By Charlaine Harris
Book 2: Living Dead in Dallas By Charlaine Harris
Book 3: Club Dead By Charlaine Harris

Vanitas By Mathew Waterhouse
Life Begins at 40 By Chris Newton
Cemetry Drive By J. T. Wilson
Wolfsangel By M.D.Lachlan
All Aliens Like Burgers By Ruth Wheeler
Do Aliens Read Science Fiction? By Ruth Wheeler
The Reapers are the Angels By Alden Bell