Sunday 10 February 2013

Little Shacks

I’ve managed to find a few minutes this week to actually glue some sticks to some foam board. Miracles happen in small doses once in a while. I’ve covered one side of each of the small shack buildings I started earlier in the year.  The aim with these is to keep them simple, rough and ready. They will be the outskirts of town buildings, and I’m going to build them in pairs one slightly smaller than the other, this is to aid storage, as I’ll sit one inside the other in their boxes.

The roof sections will also be made separately so that they can be stored easier and maybe if I plan it right, they may also be interchangeable to some degree just for a bit of variety.


  1. Nice ideas, waiting for the roofs...

  2. I made some buildings I was proud of, but never considered designing them to be stored nested. Smart.


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