Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Celebrating Season 17 boxset across the tapestry

To celebrate the release of the Doctor Who Season 17 boxset last year, which I have almost finished watching, here are the sections of the tapestry where Season 17 stories are represented. Well, all but one. I appear to be missing "The Creature from the Pit". I am so looking forwarding to adding a green phallus to the tapestry.

The majority of the characters stitched here were done quite early on during the expansion of the tapestry and are not as detailed as later work like the Ancient One from McCoy’s "Curse of Fenric". In some cases I think I will revisit a couple of these and try to improve them before declaring the whole project complete.

Season 17 opened with "Destiny of the Daleks". Here are Davros and a Movellan. I’m pleased with Davros but the Movellan could do with some extra detail. (1st Sept 1979 – 22nd Sep 1979)

The second story for Season 17 was "City of Death". (29th Sep 1979 – 20th Oct 1979). Here is Scaroth, last of the Jagaroth. Someone has suggested I add the Mona Lisa. Hmm not sure about that.

Next up was "The Creature from the Pit" (27th Oct 1979 – 17th Nov  1979) This is the one that is currently not represented. But it will, eventually.

Following on was "Nightmare of Eden" (24th Nov 1979 – 15th Dec 1979) Here I have a Mandrell, also an early effort and in need of additional work to bring it up to the current standard.

Prematurely concluding the season at the time was "The Horns of Nimon" (22nd Dec 1979 – 12th Jan 1980). 

The last story of the season, never finished at the time because of a strike at the BBC and subsequently released with the missing scenes animated, was "Shada". This is a far more recent effort and has much more detail for Professor Chronotis, the sphere and a Krarg.

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