Thursday 19 January 2023

And so it begins

My end of January update will show how much progress has been made in attaching the latest panel on to the main body of the Doctor Who tapestry.

This is the panel now that the final gaps have been filled in and last small details added. I started this panel back in September 2021 and it is now January 2023. By this rate it will be a good few more years before I get the whole project complete. A rough calculation says two more panels to complete the right-hand side and at least three on the left-hand side to include everything I want to feature.

I've already cut and prepared the material for the next panel. This is so I can stitch when away from home or sitting in an armchair. 

Attaching the finished panel to the main body will involve laying the canvas across the bed as it is the only area where the weight of the main canvas can be supported while I work.

Wish me luck...

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