Friday, 28 December 2018

Post Christmas - Crackers

Hope you've all suitably over indulged over Christmas and as a result have plenty of exciting modelling materials now at your disposal.

Even if I don't get much time in the year ahead to make good on some of these ideas, I thought I'd share a few and hope they inspire you.

The humble Christmas cracker offers quite a lot of potential. 

The plastic from the boxes make good windows for models, whilst the crackers themselves offer so many possibilities. The gifts - sometimes tacky - can be useful to modellers.

A shoe pedant might become the hanging sign outside a cobblers, whilst a giant gem could be the focal point of wizard's lair.

The cracker card has potential for being good backgrounds, this one a particular favourite has certainly potential for a Doctor Who diorama at some point

My crackers this year had bit of ribbon around them, these I save to decorate the garlands and Christmas wreaths for next year.

Still wondering what to do with the paper hats, any thoughts?

And finally, not forgetting those unforgettable jokes...

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