Friday, 29 April 2011

Promo Spot - Dave Stokes at Demoncon

Dave Stokes' Webcomic Blackfriars seems to have been attracting some attention within the comic community and he has been invited to have a table at Demoncon in Maidstone this Sunday.

Dave is one of the regular players at the game table where my models are used. (He's usually the one firing thunderbolts at the walls when he misses the beasties, reminds me - must paint on some thunderball damage)

To quote Dave, "I've got my first table at a comic convention on May 1st At DemonCon in Maidstone, where I'll be sketching, flogging prints and trying to promote the webcomic.

"They'll also be running some tabletop and card gaming tables so I thought I'd pass the word on in case anyone's interested and has a free Sunday.
"It's £2 admission and runs from 10am-6pm thought I'll only be there till about 4. The venue's called EDEN, on Bank Street."

Full details can be found on Dave's blog at Dave Stokes Sketch Blog.

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