Sunday, 24 April 2011

Project Round Up - Easter Sunday

Today I was off playing the Easter Bunny and delivering chocolaty goodness, and other treats. So the only thing I got done today was the first brown coat of paint on the coffee stick houses. I’m determined to get these done.

I used an acrylic paint from Wilkinson’s. This is the first time I’ve used any of their paint on a large scale. This is ‘Burnt Umber’ which is a very dark brown, and dries even darker. The important thing to remember when painting such a large area like this is to make sure after you've worked the paint into the gaps that the final brush strokes go in the same direction as the wood.

I suspect I will need to give the models a second coat before I start mixing the paint with white and adding the dry brushing effects. I’ll leave the paint to dry overnight and take a judgement call in the morning.


  1. MMmmmmm...choclaty goodness. Looks fantastic. House paint is great for terrain. It does tend to dry-brush differently and often stays 'wet' on the brush for longer but it can't be beaten on price and availablility of colours.

  2. Great scratchbuilding, I've added your blog to my bloglist as i'm eager to see the finished houses!


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