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Coffee Stick Ghost Town    
Gallery Page

Coffee Stick Houses Part One 
(First inspiration)
Coffee Stick Houses Part Two 
(Preparation, design and frame work)
Coffee Stick Houses Part Three
(First sticks to go on)

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Town Houses Gallery Page

Project Round Up 26th June 2011

Fantasy Settings

The Watermill 

Castle Ruins
Castle Ruins - Part One
(From Tintagel comes the idea)

Castle Ruins - Part Two
(Basic construction)

Castle Ruins - The Dungeons
Dungeon Extras
(Archways, secret tunnels, iron bars, steel doors and more.)

(Entrance tunnel and first layout of pieces to date)

Ongoing work (Murder holes and windows)

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Project Round Up 26th June 2011
Project Update

       Vorsteck Rock Town
       The Missing Project
       Welcome to Vorsteck
       Vorsteck versatile buildings
       Vorsteck, the algae curtains
       Vorsteck in ruins
       Vorsteck layout

Log Cabins
Home grown log cabin

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Mystery Model (Haunted House)

1. New Mystery Model
2. New Mystery Model section #20
3. New Mystery Model, parts #6, #10 & #12
4. New Mystery Model, parts #9, #16 & #18
5. Mystery model parts #13 & #14
6. Mystery Model Takes Shape (Parts #1 & #5)
7. Mystery Model takes Shape - Part Two
                 (Parts #2 & #4)
8. Piece #7 the Corner Tower.
9. Starting on the Woodwork
10. More Wood
11. Mystery Model - Top Floor
12. Completing the Basic Structure

13. November Update
14. The House is Back
15. Weekend Roofing
16. May Day, Breaking Windows
17. More Cracked and Broken Glass
18. The Price of Moonlight
19. Eight More Done, Another Fifteen To Go
20. Another evening spent on broken windows
21. Remedial Work 
22. Haunted Undercoat
23. Stonework Painting
24. Woodwork Painting
25. Moss on the Roof